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This entire website is dedicated to the easy pub quiz, they are fun to play and anyone can take part with a chance of winning. We make new fun quizzes every week that are downloaded by hundreds of quiz masters and played in hundreds of pubs around the world. We don't do tough, boring quizzes, you can get them anywhere. We concentrate on fun and variety to fill your pub quiz week after week.

Create your own Pub Quiz

For those of you who want to make your own pub quiz and need content then we've got everything you need and a lot more besides. We've created over a years worth of high quality picture handouts so far and we're always making more. Don't waste time scouring through quiz books and the internet looking for easy quiz questions, we've done that for you and put them into packs of 1000 pub quiz questions and answers. Every quiz needs a theme round like Food and Drink, Animal Kingdom etc. We've come up with our own interesting theme rounds to make your quiz more interesting and put them into packs of 50, a years supply for you to pick and choose what you want and when you want them in your own quizzes. Add Family Fortunes to your quiz if you want, again we've made a years supply of them in a pack you can download in seconds. We've got a lot more content to create the quiz of your dreams and save you many hours of work and they're waiting for you here Quiz Packs. Or you can tap on 'Make Your Own Quiz' a bit further up the page, you can also select 'Products' in the menu at the top of the page and select 'Quiz Packs' from the drop down menu, good to know for your next visit.

Ready Made Pub Quizzes

Don't have the time to make your own pub quizzes? Then you've come to the right place, our ready made pub quizzes are very popular. We've got hundreds of satisfied customers who have been using our fun pub quizzes, week in, week out, for years. Our ready made quizzes have consistently been proven to fill pubs on quiz nights every week.

Our high quality fun pub quizzes will save you many hours of hard work and they look fantastic too. If you're looking for a fun quiz night then this is the only place you can get them. They are tried and tested and they will make you look like a professional, not only that but none of our quiz material has any Quiz Pub UK branding on them so it will look like you made them!

Nowhere else will you find very high quality picture quizzes, fun and easy quiz questions, themed quiz rounds, brain teasers, tie breaker questions and game show rounds all combined into amazing fun quiz night packs. These ready made pub quizzes can be downloaded in an instant for an amazingly low price.

Each of our packs take days to make using carefully chosen questions and answers that are fun and entertaining. Every picture round handout is different and of the highest standard you've ever seen. You will not find this level of quality anywhere else.

Countless hours are spent coming up with original ideas for theme rounds, speed rounds and catchphrase handouts which help make the most enjoyable and memorable pub quiz you've ever played or hosted. We work full time creating new material every day.

We are so confident that our fun quizzes will be a huge hit for you that we are happy to let you download one right now for just 1p. We know you will be back for more. Click this link to see what we have to offer you: PUB QUIZZES

Our Quizzes make YOU money

A lot of work goes into making our weekly quiz packs and we're proud of them. No other website can offer you what we do here, they don't even come close.

  • 1. Tried and tested. Every pub quiz on this website has been performed on a live audience before it's made available.
  • 2. Stunning Quality. We use professional drawing software to create all our handouts, you won't see this anywhere else.
  • 3. Unique Content. We make everything ourselves so you know you're doing a quiz that no one has ever done before.
  • 4. Variety. There is always something different every week in our quizzes to keep your customers entertained.
  • 5. Fun. With Game Shows, puzzles and brain teasers every week these quizzes really are fun to play.

Get started here Ready Made Pub Quizzes or here Make your own Pub Quiz

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