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Fun Quizes

We only make fun quizzes that are easy to play, guaranteeing you the best pub quiz night you've ever seen, it's a formula we've been using successfully for nearly 10 years. We get emails from happy customers all the time who say our quizzes have transformed a quiet night of the week into the busiest night of the week. You too can have this success if you give our fun quizzes a try, we are so confident that we are almost giving away the first ready made pub quiz for only 1 penny!

Quiz Pack Contents

20 Easy general knowledge quiz questions, Picture Quiz Handouts, 10 Question Round based on a topic, Brain Teaser and a 10 question Game Show Round to finish. See examples below.

Easy Quiz Questions

See for yourself, here are 10 questions taken from this pub quiz. We carefully select only the most interesting quiz questions that most people can at least have a good guess at, that's what makes our quizzes so popular.

  • 1. True or False, Ant and Dec always have their picture taken with Ant on the left so people can tell which is which?
  • 2. Which of the following is the closest city to London, is it Brussels, Paris or Amsterdam?
  • 3. What song does the main character wake up to every morning in Groundhog Day?
  • 4. How many times does the letter "p" occur in the first line of the tongue twister about Peter Piper?
  • 5. Is Europe the second largest or the second smallest continent?
  • 6. Who was Rodney married to in "Only Fools & Horses"?
  • 7. How many fingers are used in a Boy Scout salute?
  • 8. In which war were tanks first used?
  • 9. What name is given to the pivoting or balancing point of a see-saw?
  • 10. The name of which Canadian province means New Scotland?

Picture Round

Every quiz pack has a picture round and every picture quiz is of a different subject every week, we have come up with some really good ideas for our picture quizzes. Where possible we remove the background, not only does this save you valuable printer ink but the pictures look better too. You won't get this kind of quality anywhere else. They come in jpg format so any computer can use them, they can be printed with one click of your mouse. You'll be proud to hand these out to your quiz teams at your next quiz night.

Ready made Picture Quiz

The above picture is actually in low resolution for this web page to load quickly. In the quiz pack it's very high definition, 3100 x 4500 pixels, the printouts are simply stunning. If you've come to this website looking for picture quizzes like this then we've made them without the numbers on them and a box under each picture for the quiz teams to write their answers in, tap on the above picture to see more.

Theme Round

Each ready made pub quiz pack has a different theme round every week. Although we do have the usual subjects like geography, music and the animal kingdom we do like to think of weird and wonderful subjects that you won't find anywhere else. The quiz teams never know what to expect, here's the theme in this quiz pack..

Classic TV Characters - I will give you the characters name you write down the TV show they were in.

  • 1. Alan B'stard?
  • 2. Jimmy Corkhill?
  • 3. Private Pike?
  • 4. George Cowley?
  • 5. Colonel Von Strohm?
  • 6. Mr Barraclough?
  • 7. D.I. Alec Hardy?
  • 8. Charlie Fairhead?
  • 9. Dr McCoy?
  • 10. Tom & Barbera Good?

Brain Teaser

It wouldn't be a fun quiz without a brain teaser for the quiz teams to solve every week. We put these on the quiz teams answer sheet so they have something interesting to do while they wait for the pub quiz night to start. Here's the brain teaser from this quiz pack.

Brain Teaser

If you like the look of these brain teasers then we've made a pack of 101 Brain Teasers for you to add to your own quizzes. Tap the above picture if you want to see more.

Game Show Round

The perfect end to a fun quiz night. The quiz teams love this part of the quiz and it serves an important purpose, it evens the playing field. By giving everyone, no matter how clever they are, a good chance of winning you are guaranteed to keep them coming back week after week. This last round is what sets our quizzes apart, we've made 3 different game show rounds so far, Family Fortunes, Blankety Blank and Million Pound Drop. The first 53 quiz packs have Family Fortunes, here are the questions taken from this quiz pack.

  • We asked 100 people to..

  • 1. Name one of the Spanish Costa's.
  • 2. Name any famous chat show host.
  • 3. Name any way of crossing the English Channel.
  • 4. Besides fish and chips, name something sold in a fish & chip shop.
  • 5. Name any Italian city.
  • 6. Name any hit single by Rod Stewart.
  • 7. Past or present, name the location of any of the Butlins Holiday Camps.
  • 8. Name any famous form of public transport in London.
  • 9. Name any famous British university.
  • 10. Name a place where you might go on a cruise ship.

Don't worry if you've never done Family Fortunes in a pub quiz night before, there are instructions in all the quiz packs that show you how to play the game and also what to say.

If you don't fancy doing Family Fortunes in your quiz then we've made another game show (quiz based game) to end the quiz with and it's similar to the TV show 'The Million Pound Drop', we call it 'Gambit', it's hugely popular. You can get more information on our Gambit quizzes here Printable Quizzes

Included in every quiz pack is a high quality handout for the teams to write their answers on, notice we don't put our brand on any of the handouts so the quiz teams won't know where you got them. Here's the handout from this ready made pub quiz so you can see exactly what you're getting.

Pub Quiz Answer Sheet

Marking a Pub Quiz Correctly

Notice there are small boxes in the top left hand corner of each round? When it comes to marking the quizzes you get them to total up the points for each round and write the score for that round in the little box. Then at the end they simply have to add up all the boxes and write the grand total at the top, this system greatly reduces errors made when marking the quizzes.

Tie Break questions

These quizzes have everything! Each and every quiz pack comes with a tie breaker question incase you get two teams with the same score. These are not just any old questions, they are specific to this situation. It's the team that gets closest to the answer that wins the quiz.


Every quiz pack comes with step by step instructions that show you how to host the quiz and what to say. There are also instructions that show you how to print the quizzes. The first 12 ready made quiz packs contain a bonus round handout, the bonus round could be Dingbats, Catchphrase or a speed quiz and we've made plenty more if you want to continue doing these extra rounds after pack 12. The bonus round in quiz pack 1 is about Monopoly, it's great fun to play and comes with instructions too.

Downloading our ready made pub quizzes will save you many hours of work and the normal price for our quiz packs is only the price of a pint, a very low price for what you get. This quiz is just 1 penny and for a limited time we're offering you quiz pack 2 for half price to get you started as cheaply as possible. So far we've made enough quiz packs to keep you supplied for 3 years and we make new quiz packs every week, rest assured, you will never run out.


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Quiz Pack 2

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