101 Brain Teasers

Over the years we've been collecting only the best brain teasers we could find to add to our pub quiz nights and we've put them all into a pack for you to download in an instant. Why would you do a brain teaser in a quiz? Because puzzles are fun! We add a brain teaser to the sheets the quiz teams write their answers on which gives them something fun to do while they are waiting for the quiz to start and it also gets their brains working. We've been doing brain games for years in our pub quizzes and here's 101 of them together in a pack which you can download in an instant. We've even taken the trouble to make them sizable and transparent so you can add them to any document with ease. How much for all our hard work? How about 5 pence for each puzzle, what an incredible bargain!


brain teaser picture

By moving only 1 glass in the picture above, can you make it so all the glasses alternate between full and empty all the way along the row like the picture below?

brain teaser picture 2

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It's very important to us that you are satisfied with our products and our service. If this is your first quiz from us then we strongly urge you to look at our help page before you download any of our pub quiz packs.

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Only £4.99

Add these brain games to your quiz teams answer sheets for a memorable pub quiz that will make your quiz the talk of the town.

Brain Teasers Pack

Here's another puzzle taken from the pack and pasted directly to this page so you can see exactly what you're getting, it's so easy to add these to any type of document.

Brain Teaser 1

Still not satisfied? It's so easy to copy and paste them here directly from the pack that I could do this all day!

Brain Teaser 2

Why pay for these puzzles?

As always you have to ask yourself this question, how much time do I have to spare? If you're a busy person then your spare time is precious, do you really want to waste hours looking for a brain teaser? We know all the places to get them and it can still take hours before we find one that's not too hard and the solution can be verified too. When you've found a brain teaser you like you then have to re-create it for your document which will take up even more of your precious time. We've done all the time wasting for you and scoured through thousands of puzzles to bring you 101 of the best ones we could find, re-created them and made them transparent for you to copy and paste straight into any document. They can be any size you want and still look fantastic because they are all in high definition. At 5 pence a puzzle we're almost giving them away, go on, treat yourself.


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