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Proud to be British? I made this quiz pack especially for Saint George's Day but it can be used to celebrate the Queen's birthday, jubilee or any time there is a major event going on in Britain. Because I'm patriotic I've added a 10 question bonus round to this quiz all about her majesty, for free. It took days to make this BRITISH QUIZ to test your quiz teams general knowledge about the greatest country in the world, this quiz is awesome. This quiz pack has 4 rounds plus a brain teaser and a 10 picture handout round of iconic British TV programs, 20 general knowledge questions round, British Family Fortunes and UK geography. Full instructions and the questions and answers come in 3 formats, notepad, Adobe and Word. You will surely get a round of applause after hosting this quiz and it's only £4

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Only £4

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Britain Quiz Pack

Here's the quiz team answer sheet from this Britain quiz pack. Everything in this Saint George's day quiz is best of British including the general knowledge and the picture round is of iconic British television programs, I'm going to put one of the pictures underneath the quiz sheet below.

British Quiz Team Answer Sheet

Here's a few of the questions taken from the general knowledge round so you get an idea of how interesting and easy our British quiz questions are.

  • True or False, the picture of the Queen on £1 coins show her age at the time they were made?
  • To the nearest million, what is the total population of the UK?
  • Which 3 animals are the national symbols for England, Scotland and Wales?
  • True or False, there are more chickens than people in the UK?
  • Was the Queens husband, Prince Philip, a prince from birth?

This is an easy one taken from round 2 the picture round, can you name the classic TV show from the picture clue below?

Mr Bean's Teddy

Why pay for this St. George's Day Quiz?

You could make it yourself but it is a lot of work putting a quiz like this together, especially when you have a theme that runs all the way through the quiz. You can't just go through a quiz book looking for specific types of quiz questions like these so you have to make them yourself, it takes a long time. Also, we've been making quizzes for over a decade now, we've made hundreds of them so you could say we're experts at it, this means you know you're getting a quality quiz that will make you look like a real pro. We're not asking much for our work, the price of a pint, which you must agree is nothing compared to what you get in these bumper quiz packs and don't forget we've put a bonus 10 question quiz all about the Queen in there to sweeten the pot. So what are you waiting for, go on, treat yourself.


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