Quick Fire Round

Carefully chosen medium and easy questions with answers ideal to use in a quick fire quiz. Each and every question hand picked so that your quiz teams can always have a good guess at the answers. Not just any old questions, they are mostly interesting, some are entertaining and most people will be able to answer about seventy percent of the questions, the standard we apply to all of our quiz products. Each pack comes with full instructions on how to play a quick fire round in your quiz if that's what you want to use them for but they do have other uses. Another reason we've put them here is to offer our regular customers an abundance of replacement questions for any questions in our ready made pub quizzes that they've already used in the past, at an easily affordable price.


It's very important to us that you are satisfied with our products and our service. If this is your first quiz from us then we strongly urge you to look at our help page before you download any of our pub quiz packs.

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Only £4.99 each!

You can use every question in these packs, you can't say that with a quiz book and I'm going to give you some examples further down the page.

Quick Fire Round

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Here's another pack of 1000 downloadable quiz questions and answers, at £4.99 that's less than half a penny a question!

Quick Fire Quiz

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Why pay for these quiz questions?

Imagine for a minute that you had to go through tens of thousands of questions to select a thousand of the ones that you liked and then you had to type them out by hand, how long would that take? It took me weeks just to make one of these packs, 6 months later I did it all over again to bring you volume 2. All you have to do is copy and paste the questions that you like, quick and simple. If you've ever bought a quiz book then you will know that you can only use a tiny amount of the questions inside them, because we've already picked through them for you and selected the best questions you will find that you will be able to use most if not all of the questions in the quiz packs above. If you've read this far and you're still not convinced what a bargain you're getting here then I'm putting a tiny fraction of the quiz questions from these packs below so you can see the quality for yourself and I'm also going to put 15 questions, unedited, taken straight out of one of my quiz books (Biggest Pub Quiz Book Ever 2, page 494) so you can see the difference.

Questions taken from a random quiz book

Which Christian name derives from the Germanic for 'Strong Ruler'?
Between 1963 and 2006, how many Bond films featured the Aston Martin DB5?
The novel 'Robinson Crusoe' was based on who's experiences?
What important post did Millard Fillmore hold?
Which magazine serialised 'The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes'?
Which group features Peter Salisbury on drums and Simon Jones on bass?
Where were the first Winter Olympics held in 1924?
Who preceded John Burton as Prime Minister of Ireland?
What can be a type of musket or a type of rhomboid?
How many seasons in the top flight did Alan Curbishley's Charlton win more than they lost?
Which long running radio quiz show was hosted by Wilfred Pickles?
In which John Braine book is Joe Lampton the central character?
What does a manometer measure the pressure of?
What was R.E.M.'s first UK Top Ten hit?
Otto Lilienthal was associated with what form of transport?

How many did you know the answer to? Did you find the questions fun? I paid £9.99 for that book and only got about 200 questions I could use from it. Now compare them with our quiz questions and see the difference when they are hand picked by me.

Sample Questions taken from Pack 1

In which movie did Mel Gibson paint half his face blue?
In a limerick, which 3 lines must rhyme?
Which is the fastest swimming stroke?
Which department store named itself after the patron saint of grocers?
What lies between Coventry Street and Piccadilly on a Monopoly board?
How many sides does a snowflake have?
What's the most mountainous country in Europe?
How many compass points are there?
Who was the English version of Evil Knievel?
True or False, the worlds largest diamond was sent to England in 1905 by post?
What is Spider-man's real name?
Which Greek God's name spelled backwards is the name of a famous canal?
Who was Dr Hook trying to get on the phone?
What colour is Diamond dust?
Which is the largest Island in Europe?
If you were eating Borscht in Russia, what would you be eating?
On which part of the body would Chaps be worn?
Beaches facing which direction get the tallest waves?
How many continents are there?
Which animal is used as the symbol for Jesus?
How is the year 2000 written in Roman numerals?
The equivalent of which British TV programme is called College Bowl in the USA?
Which word of German origin is the name given to a ghostly replica of a living person?
What word describes the focal point of an earthquake?
Which Dickens character has a dog called Bulls-eye?
What does a doctor study through an ophthalmoscope?
In which sport would you use a spider?
Apart from human beings, which are the only other mammals to have sex for pleasure?
Which prescribed drug is nicknamed Instant Sunshine?
Can you name 3 countries whose names start with H?
Which common items are known as the Devil's Bones?
True or False, the strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue?
Which English city has a bigger canal system than Venice?
Who played Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring?
Which is the only rock edible to man?
If you flew due east from New York which is the first country you would come to?
Who's arch enemy is called Ming the Merciless?
Which name links a river in Venezuela, a Womble and a hit song by Enya?

Unless you're totally useless at quizzes then you should have been able to answer about seventy percent of those questions and the others you could at least have had a guess at, you can't say that with most of the questions from a book unless you're a quiz genius. If you're still not sure about forking out for these fantastic quiz packs then I'm going to make you an offer that's too good to resist, how about both packs for the price of one? That's right I'm going to give you volume 2 absolutely free! Don't delay, this is a limited time offer and could be gone by tomorrow.

£4.99 for BOTH packs!

Quick Fire Round

Quick Fire Packs 1 & 2


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