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The last round in the quiz is critical in making sure that anyone who plays these quizzes knows that they can still win even if they did badly in the general knowledge round. Maybe the picture round was their weak point, it might have been a subject they're not familiar with or the theme round might have been music and they don't listen to a lot of music. That's where Gambit comes into play, it really does help to even the playing field and gives everyone a fair chance.

Why Gambit?

The reason that Gambit works so well is not by pure chance, a lot of thought went into getting it just right. After I've decided on a question I want to use and checked the answer I then have the task of coming up with another 3 believable answers to go with it. It's hard to explain how I choose the questions for this game but when I'm looking for questions I have to bear in mind that I will also need to think of answers to go with it, so that plays a big role. It's a game of educated guesses and in my honest opinion I think Gambit is a far better game than Family Fortunes, it's a lot easier for the Quiz Master to host and it's a lot quicker to call out the answers too.

Side note: Recently we've gone through all the Family Fortunes and adjusted the answers, sometimes the question too, to bring them more up to date and to try to take care of any demographics problems I've noticed. If you would like to get your hands on every Family Fortunes game we've ever made, which is a years supply if you do one quiz a week, then tap on 'LOOK' below the Family Fortunes pack to the right. Please be aware that they are all found in the quiz packs numbered from 1 to 53, if you've downloaded these quiz packs then you've already got them.

The Questions and Answers

For the curious amongst you and for those of you who are here to browse here are 10 Gambit questions and answers taken from a random quiz pack. I'll put the answers further down the page if you want to have a go at the quiz and see how well you scored.

  • In cooking, what's the common name for potassium bitartrate?
    A: Baking Powder B: Bicarbonate of Soda C: Cream of Tartar D: Salt
  • Nat 'King' Cole began his career playing which instrument?
    A: Trumpet B: Trombone C: Clarinet D: Piano
  • The Bald Eagle has what colour feathers on it's head?
    A: Black B: White C: Brown D: Gold
  • Michael Caine played soldier Gonville Bromhead in what film?
    A: Harry Brown B: The Ipcress File C: The Eagle has Landed D: Zulu
  • The Blarney Stone is made of which rock?
    A. Limestone B: Basalt C: Granite D: Chert
  • What appointment did Thomas Gray decline in 1757?
    A: Nobel Prize B: Poet Laureate C: Prime Minister D: Knighthood
  • The Magritte awards are film prizes in what country?
    A: France B: Italy C: Belgium D: Germany
  • If you were known as a Venusian, where would you be from?
    A: Venice B: Venezuela C: Venus D: Valencia
  • What gossip magazine runs an annual 'Weird Crush' poll?
    A: Heat B: Rolling Stone C: Vanity Fair D: OK! Magazine
  • On what continent is the river Tigres?
    A: Asia B: Europe C: Africa D: South America

The Answers

1. Cream of Tartar, 2. Piano, 3. White, 4. Zulu, 5. Limestone, 6. Poet Laureate, 7. Belgium, 8. Venus, 9. Heat, 10. Asia

Here's an interesting 5 minute video of the making of The Million Pound Drop.

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