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New Game Show Round - Round 4 is now based on the classic TV game show Blankety Blank, if you've never seen it or you need reminding I'll put a short video of the show at the bottom of this page. I've only made 20 of these downloadable quizzes and they are all on this page, if I ever make any more of these then I'll add them to this page. For a more detailed explanation of this game then scroll past the quiz packs below.

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Why Blankety Blank?

We was trying to think of a game similar to Family Fortunes and settled on Blankety Blank as the closest match. One similarity is that the answers came from every day people from all walks of life, the studio audience for one. So the secret to scoring well in both these games is to think like the general population and try very hard to ignore what you would say yourself. Another similarity is that it's very easy to guess one of the many answers and score something on every question, the questions are extremely simple to answer in both games. This is exactly what we're looking for, we want our fun quiz nights to appeal to a broad audience and we want anyone no matter how knowledgeable they are to have a chance of winning a prize, this will keep them coming back and your quiz is guaranteed to be a success.

Why have we only made 20?

We've only had one email so far from one of our best customers, he's hosted over 100 of our downloadable quizzes at the time of writing this. He said that his customers love this game in the quiz and that they prefer it to Gambit, but everyone is different and I need more proof before I make any more. So if you and your customers are loving these Blankety Blank quizzes then please Contact Us and when we get even just a few requests we will make one every week as well as the Gambit quizzes too. Don't leave it until you're on the last quiz pack if you want more because these quizzes take days to make.

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