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Looking for an amazing Halloween Quiz? Then look no further. We spent days making this HALLOWEEN QUIZ to give your quiz teams the most memorable and spooky quiz night ever, it really is top notch. This quiz pack includes 20 spooky general knowledge questions all about Halloween, 10 picture handout round of famous people made up to look like monsters, 10 question theme round on horror movies and to finish off a 10 question Family Fortunes style round all about Halloween. Included on the quiz team handout sheets is a creepy brain teaser too. Download this quiz now! This Quiz night will definitely get you a round of applause.

Here's the quiz team answer sheet from this quiz pack.

Halloween Answer Sheet Quiz Help


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Get this quiz now for a memorable pub quiz that will make your quiz the talk of the town.

Halloween Quiz Pack


Here's one of the pictures taken from the pack and pasted directly to this page so you can see the quality of our handouts.

Halloween Picture

Still not satisfied? Let's look at some of the questions, we make most of them ourselves to ensure they are interesting and easy to answer.

Halloween Quiz Questions

  • A male witch is known as what?
  • What do pumpkins grow on?
  • What was the most popular chocolate bar given out to trick or treaters last year?
  • According to superstition, a person born on Halloween has what particular ability?
  • What kind of board is used to contact the spirits?

Why pay for this quiz?

Because it's unique and made by a professional quiz master with over 10 years experience, we know exactly what makes a good quiz and we have a system we apply to all our creations. Because they're not too hard and not really easy it makes it a lot more time consuming to make these quizzes, we don't just pick any old questions from a book. We spend hours creating just the 20 questions for the first round, the general knowledge round is of course all about Halloween. Imagine trying to find 20 interesting quiz questions on 1 subject that most people will be able to at least have a go at answering and be able to get most of them right, it takes you hours. Is your time valuable? Would you work for £4 an hour, how about 2 days work for £4? That's exactly what you're getting, this is an amazingly low price for what we're offering in this bumper quiz pack, question round, picture round, theme round, brain teaser, game show round, tie breaker, quiz team answer sheets all with full instructions. Don't delay and add this Halloween Quiz to your cart now before we put the price up.


If you've never tried our quizzes before and are reluctant to buy this one then you can download a full pub quiz for just a penny to see how good they are and how quick and easy they are to download and print, you can take a look here: Ready Made Pub Quiz.

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