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If you've come here because you never got your quiz after you paid for it then tap this link Where's my Quiz?

Help! I can't print the quizzes!

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to print your quiz and we will cover them here. However, 99% of emails we get are from people who don't realise that the quiz packs are zipped. If you are used to downloading and unzipping files then please scroll down the page and read the section on printing the quizzes before you leave, thank you.

Mobile Devices

If you're using a laptop or desktop PC then skip this bit and move on to 'Extracting the Quiz'.

Unzipping on a mobile device

On rare occasions we get the odd email from people who have downloaded our quizzes on their mobile device, you will first need to extract the contents of our quiz packs by using an unzipping app. I don't own anything by Apple and if I'm not mistaken you can't unzip folders on an Apple device right out of the box, you can only view the contents of a zipped folder so you will need to download a zip app. If you can't unzip the folder you can't print it's contents, that's the way the internet works, you can't send a folder to anyone over the internet unless it's been zipped first. Conclusion, if you have an Apple device you should first search for "How to unzip on an Apple device", you will find lots of help. If you own an Android device then make sure you have an unzip app so you can extract the contents of a zipped folder before you buy anything from this website, modern Android devices unzip as standard. You can do a free test on any device by downloading our Free Music Quiz, ←Tap the link.

Printing on a mobile device

Everything you download from this website needs to be printed, there are apps that you can download to print files from your device but the market is so huge and there are so many devices we can't give any advice here, you are going to have to research it yourself for your particular device. I would recommend using a laptop or desktop PC to use our quizzes effectively, it's certainly a lot easier, if you don't own one of these then you might have to use a friends. If you've already downloaded one of our quiz packs on a mobile device and you can't print the quiz then please read our terms and conditions, you will find a link to them at the bottom of every page of this website.

Extracting the Quiz

If you take a look at the quiz you downloaded you will notice it's a picture of a folder with a zip fastener on it. It's been the only way of sending folders over the internet since forever. The confusing thing is that while you can see the contents of a zipped folder you can't do anything with them until the contents have been extracted first. We are going to show you how to do this on Windows first then Apple further down the page.

On A Windows PC

Locate the quiz you downloaded on your computer and hover the screen pointer over the quiz folder, don't open it.
Click the right button on your mouse or tap the right button on your mouse pad and a list of options will appear.
Look for extract all or extract here, select one by clicking the left button on your mouse or tapping the left button on your pad.
A window will open asking you to select a destination for the extracted files, by default the folder will be extracted to the same location as the original.
Click or tap on Extract or OK.
You will then have a new folder appear next to the zipped one, notice how it doesn't have a picture of a zip on it, open it and check the contents.
When you're happy you've now got a normal folder with everything inside you should now delete the zipped folder as soon as possible, so you don't accidentally try to use the wrong one in future.
Here's a video explaining how to unzip folders on a Windows PC.

On A Mac

Here's a video explaining how to unzip files on a Mac, when the guy talks about SVG files that still applies to all types of files, when he says SVG think Quiz instead.

Printing the Quizzes

Apart from the quiz questions everything else comes as a 'jpg' picture.
To print the pictures simply right mouse click or tap the right button on your pad on a picture and a list of options will appear. Select 'Print' and follow the instructions, it's that easy!

Opening the Pictures

If you want to have a good look at the pictures before you print them then right mouse click or tap the right button on your pad on the picture and a list of options will appear, select 'View'.

Do not try to open the pictures unless you have drawing software on your computer and you know how to use that drawing software.
The pictures are a lot bigger than the page and are automatically shrunk when printing them, this achieves high quality printouts.
Your computer might not have the right setup to handle these large images, also if you're thinking about editing the pictures then be aware that everything on the page is just one image. The individual elements on the page can't be moved around or edited, this is to protect the work I put into them.


If you've read this far then you should have noticed that everything you need to do involves clicking your right mouse button or the right button on your mouse pad so try to remember this for future reference and you won't have any problems.

If after reading the information above you are still confused then it might be a good idea to seek the help of someone with a little knowledge of computers to show you the way.
If all else fails then contact us and we'll strive to help you.

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