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These pub quiz packs have our most popular game show called Gambit for the final round. They cost only three pounds each and you get an entire pub quiz night with everything you need. Questions and answers, picture handouts, game show round, theme round, tie breaker question and quiz teams answer sheets. You will need a computer and a printer, every pack comes with instructions.

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Theme Round

We've talked in depth about the game show rounds in the previous pages so it's time to move on to another important part of any pub quiz pack and that's the weekly theme round. I call it weekly because it's different every week and it's no mean feat thinking up different subject matter after you've done well over a hundred of them. Being inventive with this part of the quiz really pays off and ensures you have a pub quiz that stands head and shoulders above anyone else's.

The quiz teams will end up looking forward to this round if it's done right. It also adds greatly to the overall experience, mix this with a really good picture round and the fun game show round at the end and you can see why I always get a round of applause after each quiz that I host. It goes without saying that you will get the same response by using the pub quiz packs that we supply here.

Where do we get our ideas?

That's the million dollar question. I get help from my better half when I'm stumped and if she can't help then I usually go back through the quiz packs and pick one I haven't done for a while. Sometimes looking through all the previous themes I've done gives me new ideas, sometimes it doesn't. I've spent many an hour staring into space picking through my brain looking for inspiration and ultimately it's all worth it when you think of a theme that no one has probably thought of before, it's very satisfying. Then comes the hard part of finding the right questions at the right difficulty level, this can take the best part of a day sometimes. But that's what I'm here for, to save you time.

Example Theme Round

If you're curious about what I've been talking about here or you are visiting our wonderful website for quiz material then I'm putting put one of our theme rounds from a random pub quiz pack below, I'll put the answers further down the page so you can have a go at the quiz yourself and see how well you scored.

Which is the Odd One Out?

  1. 1. Cod, Hope, Skin, Horn?
  2. 2. Aluminium, Lead, Copper, Zinc?
  3. 3. Piccolo, Saxophone, Bassoon, Cello?
  4. 4. Pinking Sheers, Trowel, Dibber, Loppers?
  5. 5. Pipistrelle, Paddle, Rudder, Racquet?
  6. 6. Panama, Derby, Pork Pie, Bobtail?
  7. 7. Oak, Palm, Peck, Hand?
  8. 8. Messy, Naughty, Happy, Greedy?
  9. 9. Curly Wurly, Picnic, Toffee Crisp, Crunchie?
  10. 10. Solitary, Golden, Blond, Bald?

The Answers

No peaking. Before I give you the answers I want you to have a proper go and see if you can work out which is the odd one out in each of the above groups of words.

Here's the answers with an explanation of why each one is the odd one out. 1. Skin, the others are Capes, Cape of Good Hope for example. 2. Lead, it's chemical name doesn't start with the same letter as it's name ( Aluminium - Al, Lead - Pb, Copper - Cu, Zinc - Zn) 3. Cello has strings, others are woodwind. 4. Pinking Sheers are used by a hairdresser, the others are used in gardening. 5. Rudder, the others are types of bat. 6. Bobtail is a cat the others are hats. 7. Oak is a tree, the others are measurements of length. 8. Little Miss Naughty, the others are Mr Men. 9. Picnic is made by Nestlé, the others are Cadbury's. 10. Blond, the others are types of Eagle.

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