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Here you go, another 20 free quiz questions for you to use in your pub quiz. All the General Knowledge questions and answers were correct when I published them here but times change so you may need to do some research and check some of the answers.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Celery contains less calories than is used up trying to eat it and that humans yawn whilst asleep? No? Well now you do.

  1. 1. Which birds can leather be obtained from? Ostrich and Emu
  2. 2. What was the name of the bear in the Muppet Show? Fozzie
  3. 3. The Devil is usually associated with which piece of garden equipment? Pitchfork
  4. 4. True or False, Sharks can't get sick? False, this is a common myth
  5. 5. Which story begins "all children except one grow up"? Peter Pan
  6. 6. What was the name of the taxi company, shown on TV's TAXI? The Sunshine Cab Company
  7. 7. The oil of which spice is traditionally used for the cure of toothache? Cloves
  8. 8. What name was given to the eleven states that fought the Union in the US Civil War? Confederates
  9. 9. Tiger Bay is an area of which British city? Cardiff
  10. 10. In which country was Mel Gibson born? America (New York)
  11. 11. Which cut of beef is found between the rump and the fore rib? Sirloin
  12. 12. Which came first, Art Deco or Art Nouveaux? Art Nouveaux
  13. 13. Which black and white marine creature is the largest member of the Dolphin family? Killer Whale
  14. 14. Who wrote the Tale of Peter Rabbit? Beatrix Potter
  15. 15. Which doctor discovered Penicillin by accident? Dr. Alexander Fleming
  16. 16. What is the world's most southerly capital city? Wellington, New Zealand
  17. 17. What kind of monkey gives it's name to a type of blood group? Rhesus
  18. 18. The picture of which American President appears on the one dollar bill? George Washington
  19. 19. When milk sours what acid is formed? Lactic acid
  20. 20. In which country was the food Chop Suey invented? America, China Town, San Francisco
General Knowledge Questions

The Discovery of Penicillin

The Scottish scientist Sir Alexander Fleming was working on bacteria in the labs of St Mary's Hospital, London. He went away on holiday leaving some agar plates exposed on a lab bench near a windowsill. Upon his return, he noticed the contamination of the Petri dishes by the spores of the fungus mucor penicillum (the one that grows in green patches in stale bread) that had formed a halo around colonies of streptococcus. He realised that there was a substance secreted by the contaminating penicillum fungi that killed the bacteria, which he later called Penicillin. That gave birth to the isolation of the substance and its widespread use in medicine for killing bacteria that we still use today.

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