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Here you go, another 20 free quiz questions for you to use in your pub quiz. All the General Knowledge questions and answers were correct when I published them here but times change so you may need to do some research and check some of the answers.

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Did you know that a waitress with a bigger bust will receive bigger tips from men and that Bananas grow pointing up? It's true!

  1. 1. In the world of flying, what do the initials E.T.A stand for? Estimated Time of Arrival
  2. 2. What two colours are on the Spanish flag? Red and Yellow
  3. 3. How many edges are there around the edge of a fifty pence piece? 7
  4. 4. Which London bridge opens upwards to lets ships pass? Tower Bridge
  5. 5. Which firework is named after a patron saint? Catherine (wheel)
  6. 6. What does ABTA stand for? Association of British Travel Agents
  7. 7. Traditionally, what colour is Willow Pattern? Blue
  8. 8. At which ceremony is a monarch given their crown? Coronation
  9. 9. Which American pop star is the most imitated on Stars In Their eyes? Madonna
  10. 10. Which month has the longest day of the year? June (on or around 21st)
  11. 11. Who was swallowed by a whale in the Bible? Jonah
  12. 12. What can be Rip, Band or Hand? Saw
  13. 13. What is the name given to farmland that grows crops? Arable
  14. 14. Named after a famous film star, what is another name for a life jacket? Mae West
  15. 15. What does the abbreviation F.A.Q stand for? Frequently Asked Questions
  16. 16. Which is the largest castle in Britain? Windsor
  17. 17. Which country had 11 kings called Ramesis? Egypt
  18. 18. How many seconds are there in an hour? 3600
  19. 19. We call it a tap, what do the Americans call it? A Faucet
  20. 20. Buckingham Palace is at the end of which famous London road? The Mall
Free Quiz Questions

London Tower Bridge

Many people think that Tower Bridge is called London Bridge when in fact they are two different bridges. A competition was launched to find a design that would not only carry vehicles and pedestrians but also allow tall ships to pass. The winning design, from fifty submitted, was by Sir Horace Jones, the City Architect, it took more than four hundred workers and over seventy thousand tons of concrete poured into the river Thames bed to support it. Construction started 1886 and took eight years to build, it now spans the River Thames connecting the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets on the northern side and Southwark to the south. River traffic takes priority over the forty thousand daily bridge users and the bridge is raised over one thousand times a year.

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