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  1. 1. Which is the largest loch in Scotland? Loch Lammond
  2. 2. How many degrees in a right angle? 90 degrees
  3. 3. What colour were the magic shoes worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz? Red
  4. 4. Who had hits with 'I Am a Rock' and 'The Boxer'? Simon and Garfunkel
  5. 5. In 1979 who sang about Walking on the Moon? The Police
  6. 6. What playing card symbolises death? Ace of spades
  7. 7. What do Gorillas do when they get nervous? Beat their chests
  8. 8. What is WHO? World Health Organisation
  9. 9. Who was the first ever Bond girl? Ursula Andress
  10. 10. What European country consumes the most wine per capita? Italy
  11. 11. In 1974 parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire were used to form which new county? Humberside
  12. 12. What is a Monkey Puzzle? A Tree
  13. 13. Which of the Beatles' has James as his first name? Paul McCartney
  14. 14. What do UK stamps not have on them that other countries do? Name of Country
  15. 15. What is the plural on the word Mongoose? Mongooses
  16. 16. What do the initials PLC stand for after a company name? Public Limited Company
  17. 17. How many players on a 'Rounders' team? 9
  18. 18. What's inside corn that makes it pop? Water
  19. 19. Which Gulf is situated between Saudi Arabia and Iran? Persian
  20. 20. The Loganberry is a cross breed of which 2 fruit? Blackberry and Raspberry
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Only a certain variety of maize corn can produce popcorn and it's all to do with the kernel. If you've ever made popcorn, and we're not talking about microwave popcorn, you will have noticed how hard it is, if you tried to eat it raw then it would probably break your teeth. When the corn is cooked the water trapped inside turns to steam and pressure builds up, because the kernel is so tough it traps the steam until it reaches the kernel's pressure point and the corn explodes creating the fluffy flake that we all know and love so much.

The corn that makes popcorn was cultivated over 9000 years ago in Mexico and popcorn has been excavated dating back to 3600BC, historians believe that popcorn was the first type of corn that humans even knew about. In the modern world popcorn made it's first commercial appearance in 1820's America along the east coast and by the end of the century it made it into the dictionary. In the early 1900's with the invention of steam powered popcorn makers and the street vending opportunities they provided popcorn soon became an American icon, eventually becoming a permanent fixture in theaters everywhere by the late 1930's. The rest they say is history, oh another bit of info you might be interested in. The microwave popcorn bag was patented by General Mills in 1981.

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