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Well hello there, and how are you this fine day? We have even more pub trivia absolutely free for your pub quizzes. Just what you've been looking for, isn't it great that I spent all these hours putting all this free stuff here just for you? Just for a laugh here's one of my favorite classic jokes of all time. Two snowmen are sat in a garden. One turns to the other and says, "can you smell carrots?"

  1. 1. Who had his first solo number one hit in the UK with 'I just called to say I love you'? Stevie Wonder
  2. 2. What is the International radio code word for the letter R? Romeo
  3. 3. What's Mongolia's famous desert? Gobi
  4. 4. Which cocktail consists of Tia Maria, Vodka and Coke? Black Russian
  5. 5. What membrane controls the amount of light entering the eye? The Iris
  6. 6. Which common garden animal is a member of the locust family? Grasshopper
  7. 7. What was constructed to separate England from Scotland? Hadrians Wall
  8. 8. What are Crampons used for? Mountain climbing
  9. 9. Which money will look after itself? Pounds
  10. 10. Who was the lead singer with T-Rex? Marc Bolan
  11. 11. What are the first names of the Mom and Dad in The Adams Family? Morticia and Gomez
  12. 12. Which major disaster happened in London in 1666? Great Fire
  13. 13. Which was the name of the first Rolls Royce car ever produced? Silver Ghost
  14. 14. What country has the most times zones with 11? Russia
  15. 15. If you were born on Christmas Day, which star sign would you be? Capricorn
  16. 16. Which two colours form the flag of Switzerland? Red and White
  17. 17. What was the 1st brand of instant coffee? Nescafé
  18. 18. Which plasticine duo have won 6 Oscars? Wallace & Grommet
  19. 19. Which birds are collectively known as Gaggles? Geese
  20. 20. Irvine Welsh wrote which novel about Scottish heroin addicts? Trainspotting
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The second most recognised brand name in the world, second only to Coco-Cola, was born out of the Stock Market crash of 1929 when Brazil found itself with stockpiles of coffee it couldn't sell. Brazil's coffee farmers approached Swiss based Nestlé asking for a solution to their large supply of surplus coffee and so work began on an idea that would take Nestlé 9 years to perfect. Nescafé was finaly launched on April 1st 1938 and was an instant success. The following video shows how they make instant coffee but it might not be the way Nescafé do it as their manufacturing process is a closely guarded secret.

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