Pub Quiz Nights

All the Pub Quiz Theme Nights on this page took twice as long to make than our normal quiz packs that's why they're slightly more expensive but still a real bargain. All the quiz questions, picture handouts and game show rounds have been made specially for each special occasion quiz pack. All made to the very highest standard to make you look like a real professional pub quiz master. Every question is carefully chosen so that your audience will know about 70% of the answers. They are all instant downloads with full instructions but most of all they are fun to play. Please tap on each box to see more about them.

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day Quiz

Valentine's Day falls on the 14th of February. The biggest tradition is for a secret admirer to send someone a Valentine's card. Valentine's Quiz

St Patrick's Day

Saint Patricks Day Quiz

St Patrick's Day is celebrated on the 17th of March to commemorate the death of the Patron Saint of Ireland in AD 461. St Patrick's Quiz

Saint George's Day

Saint George Quiz

Saint George's Day the national day of England is on the 23rd of April. We've made a special best of British quiz perfect for this day. Britain Quiz


Halloween Quiz

Halloween is celebrated on the 31st of October which is also known as All Hallows Eve, All Saints Day and The Day of the Dead. Halloween Quiz


Christmas Quiz

Christmas falls on the 25th of December to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. A time of joy and peace to all men. Christmas Quiz

Retro Quiz

80's Quiz

Retro Quiz is all things 70's and 80's, take a trip down memory lane and recall those toys, songs and headlines you still have fond memories of. Retro Quiz

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