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Downloading our ready made pub quizzes will save you many hours of work and the normal price for our quiz packs is only three pounds, a very low price for what you get. The above pub quiz is half price at just one pound and fifty pence to get you started. So far we've made enough quiz packs to keep you supplied for 3 years, you will find Quiz Packs 3 to 32 further down the page. We make new quiz packs every week, rest assured, you will never run out.

Every quiz pack comes with step by step instructions that show you how to host the quiz and what to say. There are also instructions that show you how to print the quizzes. The first 12 quiz packs contain a bonus round handout, the bonus round could be Dingbats, Catchphrase or a speed quiz and we've made plenty more if you want to continue doing these extra rounds after quiz pack 12. The one in this quiz pack is a quick fire round, it's fast and fun to play and comes with instructions too.

The best Pub Quizzes ever made!

Don't take our word for it, see what a few of our happy customers have to say.

"Dam good service you supply which helps earn money so its always good to praise.", R. Thomas, Nite Flite Mobile Disco

"I would just like to say I brought pack 139 from you yesterday for the quiz night I run. I just have to say it was fantastic it was so easy to use and the gambit round is a brilliant idea. Many Thanks again and I will definitely be buying a pack every week.", R. Cooper, Kent.

"I've yet to find anything anywhere near as good!", H. Lovely, Sense

Our Quizzes make YOU money

A lot of work goes into making our weekly quiz packs and we're proud of them. No other website can offer you what we do here, they don't even come close.

  • 1. Tried and tested. Every pub quiz on this website has been performed on a live audience before it's made available.
  • 2. Stunning Quality. We use professional drawing software to create all our handouts, you won't see this anywhere else.
  • 3. Unique Content. We make everything ourselves so you know you're doing a quiz that no one has ever done before.
  • 4. Variety. There is always something different every week in our quizzes to keep your customers entertained.
  • 5. Fun. With Game Shows, puzzles and brain teasers every week these quizzes really are fun to play.

Picture Round

Here's the picture round handout for Quiz Pack 2. I apologise for the low quality of the picture but it's necessary for this web page to load quickly. The picture round handout you get in the quiz pack is 6 times better quality and when you print it off you'll be so proud to hand it out to your quiz teams.

Picture Quiz

If you're only interested in getting pictures like this for your quizzes then tap the above picture to see more.

Pub Quiz Questions

Every quiz starts with 20 general knowledge questions, here are 10 of the questions in quiz pack 2, notice how interesting they are. Most importantly you should notice that you can have a guess at answering every single question, this is why our quizzes are so popular.

  • 1. What connects the 1st, 3rd, 16th and 26th Presidents of the USA?
  • 2. What hand does God give life to Adam with on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
  • 3. Which ABBA song mentions Glasgow in it's lyrics?
  • 4. In the film, how many children did Willy Wonka let into his factory?
  • 5. What colour Monopoly properties are landed on most often?
  • 6. How many months does it take the moon to revolve around the Earth?
  • 7. How many species of Elephant are there?
  • 8. Name the worlds 3 largest oceans in order of size from largest to smallest.
  • 9. Which is greater, 0+1+2+3+4+5 or 0x1x2x3x4x5?
  • 10. Which film studio is California's second largest tourist attraction?

Theme Round

Round 3 is on a different subject every week, this helps keep the quizzes fresh and interesting, the quiz teams never know what to expect. We spend a lot of time thinking up ideas for this round, sometimes it can take hours to get inspiration but it's ultimately rewarding knowing we've made something that no one else has in their quizzes.

Brain Teaser

This turns an ordinary quiz into a fun quiz for sure. It also serves the purpose of giving the quiz teams something fun to do while they wait for the quiz to start because we put the brain teaser on the quiz teams answer sheet. Here's an example of one of our brain teasers.

Brain Teaser

If you like the look of these brain teasers then we've made a pack of 101 Brain Teasers for you to add to your own quizzes. Tap the above picture if you want to see more.

Game Show Round

The perfect end to a fun quiz night. The quiz teams love this part of the quiz and it serves an important purpose, it evens the playing field. By giving everyone, no matter how clever they are, a good chance of winning you are guaranteed to keep them coming back week after week. This last round is what sets our quizzes apart, we've made 3 different game show rounds so far, Family Fortunes, Blankety Blank and Million Pound Drop. The first 53 quiz packs have Family Fortunes, here are the questions taken from quiz pack 2.

  • We asked 100 people to..

  • 1. Name something that is typically Japanese.
  • 2. Name something you use to protect yourself from the sun.
  • 3. Name something a critic might review.
  • 4. Name something that goes well with custard.
  • 5. Name a kind of animal you might see in a swamp.
  • 6. Name someone whose advice you usually accept.
  • 7. Name a popular adult board game.
  • 8. Name a place you had your first kiss.
  • 9. Name a shade of Blue.
  • 10. Name a well known children's song.

Included in every quiz pack is a high quality handout for the teams to write their answers on, notice we don't put our brand on any of the handouts so the quiz teams won't know where you got them. Here's a low resolution example of one of our handouts taken from quiz pack 141.

Quiz Answer Sheet

Marking a Pub Quiz Correctly

Notice there are small boxes in the top left hand corner of each round? When it comes to marking the quizzes you get them to total up the points for each round and write the score for that round in the little box. Then at the end they simply have to add up all the boxes and write the grand total at the top, this system greatly reduces errors made when marking the quizzes.

Tie Break questions

Each and every quiz pack comes with a tie breaker question incase you get two teams with the same score. These are not just any old questions, these are special questions made especially for this purpose. Here's the tie breaker question from quiz pack 2 at the top of the page. How many dimples are there on a regulation golf ball?

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These all come with Family Fortunes and they're all three pounds each, what a bargain!

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