Quick Fire Quiz

Guaranteed to liven up your quiz nights! Doing one of these 3 minute speed quizzes at random, say once every 2 weeks, will add the surprise factor to your pub quizzes and keep it fresh and exciting. A lot of time and effort went into making these handouts and we're putting 18 of them into a bumper pack to save you time and money. We sell these quick fire quizzes for only £1.19 each (you can buy them individually by tapping on the more button further down the page if you want to try one out first) so the value of this pack is over £20 and for a limited time we're dropping the price to just £9.99, that's 55 pence a quiz! You get the printable handouts, the answers and instructions on what to say and how to do them at your quiz. You can have these fun quizzes in seconds via instant download, just tap on 'Add to Cart'.

Quick Fire Quiz

Why buy these Quick Fire Quizzes?

You'd be crazy not to, they are difficult to make requiring a lot of research and effort. They have been finely tuned and performed on many quiz teams with the unpopular or controversial ones being removed and replaced by better ones. They are fun to play! You hand out the Speed Quiz sheets to all the quiz teams, ask them to write their team name at the top and explain that you are going to give them a subject, lets call it Ford Cars for this explanation, the team that can think of the most models of Ford cars in 3 minutes is the winner. It looks quick and simple because it is but making them is not. The example subject I just gave you, Ford Cars, would be a terrible subject to pick, for starters new models are always being released so the quiz would have to be constantly updated. Then there's the possible issue with imported models, it can get very controversial and arguments could erupt if you don't have the facts and figures to hand. This type of situation must be avoided at all costs, it will waste precious time and will leave a bad taste in everyones mouths. Rest assured, we try all these speed quizzes on an audience first to see if they work as expected before we release them to this website, quite a few don't and are removed. You are getting the best of the best in this pack, tried and tested to give you the best and most exciting pub quiz in town, this Quick Fire Quiz pack will make you look like a real pro with full instructions on how to play the game and exactly what to say. If you would rather try one first to see if it works for you then tap on the more button below for more details.

Speed Quiz

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