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Game Show Adventure is a one of a kind Android quiz game with hundreds of puzzle games to solve where everything is against the clock. This Android quiz app has lots of game show games, gamble games and arcade games too!

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The game show games are only a small part of this huge quiz app. There are also hundreds of word puzzles to solve based on "Countdown's" conundrum game. Have fun solving classic puzzle games like The Tower of Hanoi or popular board games like Mastermind and Connect4.

There are 3 pyramids to conquer, the easy Aztec Pyramid, the medium difficulty Egypt Pyramid and finally the hard Vegas Pyramid.

Quiz Questions in Game Show Adventure

The questions in this game have been carefully selected so that anyone in the world will have as good a chance as anyone else as long as they have a good knowledge of the English language.

You will encounter many types of Quiz Games and all of them are against the clock. There's Fast and Furious, True or False, Cash Builder, Gambit, Consensus and Knowledge.

You can be playing this fun game in just a few minutes for free. If you are reading this on an Android device then tap on 'Play' at the top, if you are reading this on a PC then grab your device and tap on the 'Play Store' app button, in the search bar at the top type in 'Game Show Adventure', you will see our Question Mark man as the logo, install it, it only takes a few minutes to download and install, it's incredibly fun and best of all it's free!

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Arcade Games

To ensure you will never get bored of playing this incredible Android game there are also many arcade style games you can choose to play along the way if you wish, it's entirely up to you. Playing these games well will reward you with extra lives, passes and more money to spend in the game's shops. Play arcade games similar to Pacman and Frogger, take part in a Camel Race, play TV's Higher or Lower to win big prizes, catch bugs with your Chameleon to win coins and prizes, catch falling prizes with the Monkey Run game, explore mazes and so much more.

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Puzzle Games

Game Show Adventure is bursting at the seams with a myriad of puzzles for you to solve too. Many of the puzzles are unique and some of them are real classics like find the pairs and spot the difference. Puzzles like Marble Mazes will test your dexterity while others like Catchphrase will test your lateral thinking. There are limitless possibilities with most of the puzzles because they can be randomized to start in a different sequence every time you play them, those puzzles that cannot be randomized have had hundreds of unique variations made for each one.

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Still not Convinced?

This game will keep you entertained for months if not years.

  • 1000's of non repeating quiz questions.
  • Hundreds and hundreds of Anagrams.
  • Hundreds of Catchphrase pictures to solve.
  • Word Searches.
  • Gamble games like Slots and Roulette.
  • Games of skill like the Prize Wheel, Frogger and Pacman.
  • Game Shows like Deal or No Deal, Family Fortunes, Million Pound Drop, Play Your Cards Right and Catchphrase.
  • Variety of Quiz Games like True or False, Speed Quizzes and Cash Builders.
  • Multiplayer Mode.
  • World High Score Table.
  • 3 Worlds to conquer each with their own games and puzzles.
  • High Definition Graphics.
  • 100's of backing tracks and sound effects.
  • Optimized for Tablets AND optimized for Mobile Phones.
  • Works in Flight Mode!
  • No internet? No problem.

Did we mention it's FREE?

No annoying ads, you are only shown an advert when you lose the game. You get the entire first pyramid with unrestricted game play for endless hours of fun. When you end up loving the game you can pay a tiny price to unlock the whole game and eliminate ads if you choose.

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