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Don't have the time to make your own pub quizzes? Then you've come to the right place.

We've put together specially designed ready made pub quiz kits that will provide you with everything you need to make many quiz nights, all the work has been done for you.

Pub Quiz Starter Kit

This bumper pack will provide you with more questions than you'll need so you can pick and choose your favorite ones to suit your style. The 50 theme pack will give you more than enough topics to choose from like food and drink, science and nature, and of course, topics that we thought up ourselves. There are also enough ready made picture handouts for 10 quizzes, you can add more for just 99p each by selecting picture quizzes from the products menu at the very top of the page. To make the quiz a fun quiz we've included the very popular Family Fortunes quiz rounds, enough for 52 quizzes! With 5 quiz team answer sheet templates that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs this pack really does have everything you need to make many, many pub quizzes, quickly and easily.

Pub Quiz Pack 1

Starter Kit £19.95


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It's very important to us that you are satisfied with our products and our service. If this is your first quiz from us then we strongly urge you to look at our help page before you download any of our pub quiz packs. Simply hit the back button on your browser when you're done reading to return here.

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Do you need convincing?

These quiz packs are priced really low to celebrate this new and improved website, but we understand how hard it can be to make up your mind sometimes. If you've come here not expecting to spend any money then you're in luck because we've made an entire pub quiz using just the products in the Starter Kit above for you to download absolutely free. For those of you who really want this fantastic offer but are reluctant to buy anything without seeing it first then the example download will give you peace of mind knowing that you can use the Starter Kit, what we've done is made a complete pub quiz with only the products in the Starter Kit so you can see for yourself what excellent quizzes you can make with it. NOTICE: The example download is a zipped folder, you need to extract the folder if you want to print it's contents, if you don't know how to unzip, unpack or extract a folder then tap on 'Help & Information' above.

Example Download

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Super Starter Kit

This is an incredible pack, there is hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work gone into making these quiz packs. This lot will give you the most amazing fun pub quizzes you've ever seen at pennies per quiz and it could all be yours in seconds via instant download. Don't waste precious hours looking for free stuff when you can spend a small amount of money and have high quality handouts that will make you proud.

Pub Quiz Pack 2

Super Starter Kit £32.95


Terms and Conditions

Just look at the quiz you can make from this huge pack, you can make a quiz like this in minutes! Best of all you have total control over the content you wish to use. Nothing has our brand on it, the quiz teams will have no idea where you got these quizzes.

Pub Quiz Pack Contents

I made the above quiz in 5 minutes using only what's in the Super Starter Pack, it's a 4 round fun quiz night with bonus rounds and you can make many complete quiz nights just like this using this huge kit. 20 General Knowledge Questions to start with then a 10 picture round on classic toys. After the picture quiz you can do a bonus 3 minute speed round (you have 18 to choose from), next is round 3 on Fact or Fiction (50 topics to choose from), then take a break in the quiz and handout a 10 picture Catchphrase game. Finish the quiz with a Family Fortunes game show round to give the customers the most amazing and fun quiz they have ever played. There's even a Brain Teaser for them to do before the quiz starts, I just dragged and dropped the brain teaser straight into the quiz teams answer sheet, it took seconds to do and there's 101 of them to choose from in this pack. All the pictures are ready to print and the only work you have to do is copy and paste the questions and answers that you like, you've got 1000 general knowledge questions and 50 theme rounds of 10 questions each to choose from.

So what are you waiting for? Download these quiz packs before it's too late, these offers will not be here for long, this is a limited time offer.

Super Starter Kit £32.95


Terms and Conditions

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