It's very important to us that you are satisfied with our products and our service. If this is your first quiz from us then we strongly urge you to look at our help page before you download any of our quiz pictures.

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Professional Quiz Pictures

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Picture Handouts

Superb high quality Quiz Pictures specially made to handout in a pub quiz. Designed to handout to the quiz teams with boxes for the the answers and also the team name and scoring area. All the pictures have had their backgrounds removed to save on ink and no Quiz Pub UK branding either. As soon as you've paid you are sent to the download page instantly, and also via email.

For those of you who are reluctant to buy anything without seeing it first we have put a low resolution image of the first picture quiz below. Even though the picture below has been greatly reduced in quality, for this web page to load quickly, you can still see the care that goes into the making of our picture handouts. It took hours to create the picture handout below, first we had to find the right celebrities to make the quiz easy and then we had to find the right images that could be turned into drawings of those celebrities. Again, we care about saving as much printer ink as we can so this one is in black and white, but still fantastic quality and you won't believe how quick and easy it is to download and print our picture rounds.

Quiz Picture

To get the quiz picture round above tap on 'Add to Cart' beneath the small picture of it below, you will then be taken to the checkout page, if you want to buy more than one picture at a time then tap on the 'Continue Shopping' link on the payments page and it will bring you back here. You can of course browse our website and keep adding different products to your cart, not just the picture rounds on this page.

Important: Once you have paid, by tapping on 'Pay Now' in the Paypal checkout, wait a few seconds and you'll automatically be taken to a page to download the picture rounds you just paid for, if you miss this by closing the Paypal page too soon then you will be sent an email containing the links to download your picture quizzes immediately, if you don't get the email straight away then check out our Help Pages, they have all the information you will ever need.

Only £0.99 each

We use Paypal to process payments because it's safe and secure. You do not need a Paypal account to buy these ready made pub quizzes if you don't have one.

Picture Quizzes

Why use our Picture Quizzes?

Because they are unique, we spend a lot of time trying to come up with unique and interesting ideas for our quiz pictures. Because we create everything on this website ourselves you can be sure that no one has ever seen anything like them before. This keeps your weekly quizzes fresh and exciting, your quiz teams will be looking forward to the picture round every week. Another good reason to buy our picture handouts is that none of them have our brand on them, they will look like you made them! Save yourself some money and buy all 10 picutre quizzes on this page for just £7.49, that's just 75p a quiz! Think of the time you will save.

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