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Blankety Blank

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I'm not going to have a rant but this is a subject that needs to be discussed because many of you, as quiz masters, will inevitably come across the aforementioned people.

After hosting these fun quizzes for years I'm still shocked when people approach me and complain about the quiz. The final round is usually the target of their complaints and amongst them I get questions like, "wouldn't the quiz be better if you just did normal questions at the end?", and, "we liked the quiz but the last round spoiled it." There are obvious reasons behind these remarks and I will explain the reasoning behind them.

Can a game show round spoil a quiz?

I don't think so, the only way it could ruin a quiz is if it's not a fun quiz to begin with, i.e. an egg heads quiz, the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. When you press people for the reason why they don't like the game show round then the answer is usually that they don't like the element of chance involved. So what they're saying is that they want a quiz with just questions in it and from my experience these complainers are no good at popular culture and the chances are that they won't like the picture round either, they are going to be very hard to please. They're typical egg heads and they're at the wrong quiz for sure, they are not interested in having fun or being entertained, they are only interested in winning. These people can ruin your quiz night for good and if you, or the pub landlord, listen to them and act upon their misguided view of what makes a good quiz then you're doomed to failure.

Keeping everyone happy

Good luck with that, no seriously, you know the old saying. Here's my advice, beware of listening to a minority of people just because they complain the loudest, just let them go or you will end up regretting it for sure. I remember one venue that started off really good and the quiz was quickly getting very popular indeed, I was getting around 70 to 80 people taking part every week. The licensee had a word with me one night and said that a few of his punters were complaining about the final round and that there were not enough football questions in the quiz in general. I explained that people who like football know everything about football and those that don't know absolutely nothing about the subject, so it's best to avoid those types of questions. And after explaining why the last round was so important, like giving everyone a chance of winning, he only cared about keeping the complainers happy. Who am I to argue with the man that's paying my wages?

The initial response to the change in format was quite staggering, I lost about half the quiz teams after the first week and I knew I'd never get them back again. The remaining loyal customers just brushed it off as another surprise quiz because my quizzes are very varied after all. I asked the landlord if he was sure he wanted me to keep the format that had already driven away half his customers and he actually said yes it's much better now. It only took 2 more weeks and the pub quiz was down to 3 teams of 2, the beer enthusiasts who also enjoy watching Sky Sports sat at the bar. The ultimate irony was that the original complainers had stopped coming to the quiz nights too! Needless to say the landlord stated the obvious that the quiz nights were not working and to knock it on the head, never acknowledging he should have listened to me and never have listened to that 1 table and the football fans at the bar. The pub has never had a quiz night since and I ended up doing it at another pub down the road which was very successful for years, until they got a new licensee, but that's another story.


Don't listen to the minority and use common sense, if the fun quiz format is working don't change even a tiny part of it just to pander to a few moaners. A lot of thought goes into making every one of these ready made pub quizzes and they use a system that has proved itself to work for over 10 years in hundreds of pubs, stick with it!

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