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Speed Quiz or Quick Fire Round

So, what is a speed quiz? They're Great Fun! A speed round adds even more variety to your pub quiz and really livens it up, giving the quiz teams a memorable night that they'll tell their friends about. A subject is carefully chosen so as not to have too many answers and that the subject matter does not change over time. To play this game you first hand out the answer sheets, the sheets have a place for the team name and score at the top and there are usually boxes with letters of the alphabet on the rest of the page. First you tell them to write their team name at the top then tell them they have 3 minutes to write down as many (whatever the subject is) as they can think of. My quiz teams love these speed quizzes and I'm going to share them with you for only £1.19 each, further down the page you can get a pack of them even cheaper. They are very simple to use, you just right click and print. Get them right now with an instant download and each quick fire quiz comes complete with instructions.

Here's an example of one of the speed round handouts.

Speed Quiz Example Quiz Help

Only £1.19 each

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Why pay for our Speed Rounds?

Because they take a long time to make, the hardest part is thinking of subjects, it can take hours! Then when you've decided on a subject you have to thoroughly research it. First you have to make sure there are not too many possible answers or it wouldn't be a speed quiz, try thinking of something that only has between 20 and 40 answers and those answers will never change. You have to make sure without a shadow of a doubt that you've got every possible answer, sometimes you can spend hours doing the research only to find out there are controversial answers and you have to scrap the idea, this happens a lot. Once you've got your answers they have to be sorted and a unique handout has to be created along with instructions and the answer sheet, bundled into a zipped folder and uploaded to the website. Doesn't £1.19 sound like a fair price now? We're a generous lot here at Quiz Pub UK so we're happy to give you a massive discount if you buy all the Speed Quizzes above, not only will it save you money it will save you a lot of time in the long run too. Tap on more below to have a look at our offer.

Speed Quiz

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