Quiz Pub UK Terms and Conditions

Read everything on this page carefully before you make a purchase from this website.

This website does not collect any personal information about you, we don't need it. When you tap on 'Add to Cart' you are taken off this website and are then in Paypal's safe hands, you will notice a padlock appear in the address bar at the top of your browser to inform you that your personal information is secure and encrypted with Paypal. We don't need this level of security here ourselves because we don't have any membership, blog or sign in, there is absolutely no information held on this website because we don't collect any information, your quiz is delivered automatically using encrypted delivery software. You are safe.

Everything for sale on this website is delivered by downloads. The boxes are for display purposes only, when you make a purchase you are not buying a box with contents, you are buying an electronic document that will be delivered to you over the internet. The only exception is the Mega Bingo DVD which is a physical object and is posted in the mail.

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you encounter problems downloading, extracting, viewing or printing any of the information that you paid for on this website then contact us and we will ensure that the problem is resolved in a quick and timely manner. In most cases we answer all emails within 12 hours, excluding holidays. Your satisfaction with our products and service means a lot to us and if you have any issues with the quality of a product you downloaded from us then we will be quite happy to offer you a replacement of equal or higher value. We are easy to contact by using the contact us link at the top of every page. We normally answer all request tickets within a few hours, 7 days a week.


Because the goods downloaded from this website are in electronic form and are not physical objects we can't offer refunds. This is because you can't prove that you have not used the information, printed it or saved it to another location. Also, the information we are selling has fulfilled it's purpose once you have read it. We apologise for this but it's necessary to protect our business. Everything for sale on this website is sold as seen, you must agree and understand that we have a no refund policy before you buy. A link to these terms and conditions is clearly displayed on every page where purchases can be made so you understand our policy.

However, we do give refunds quite often. Customers we've had for years sometimes accidentally buy a quiz they've had in the past and we normally refund the same day. We had a customer today who accidentally ordered 3 of the same quiz pack in one go and we refunded him for two of the packs within an hour of his purchase.

Please be aware that Paypal has the same policy, with non physical goods your purchase is not covered by their purchase protection plan.

You WILL get what you paid for

Just because we do not give refunds does not mean we do not care. We are not dishonest and we want you to be happy with our service and we will do everything in our power to satisfy you, for example we might offer you an alternative product of equal or higher value. We have hundreds of regular customers that are more than happy with our service, you will be too.


All the content displayed on this website is copyrighted and remains the property of Quiz Pub UK, a subsidiary of Magical Games.

All of the downloads from this website, including but not limited to, Family Fortunes, Quiz Questions, Dingbats, Catchphrases, Speed Quizzes, Picture Quizzes, Multiple Choice Quizzes, Quick Fire Quizzes, Music Quizzes and Brain Teasers are licensed for personal use only by the purchaser. The purchaser is not allowed to share any of the downloads with any other person(s) or business(es) for profit or for free. Each download is in effect a 'single use' license for use by the purchaser only, the low price of our quizzes reflects this. For example: If you have a business that has 2 quizzes on the same night but in different venues with 2 different Quiz Masters then we expect you to buy 2 quiz packs, one for each venue. None of the downloads may be reproduced in part or whole by any means including print, electronically, digitally, transmitted, displayed or broadcast in any way without prior permission from the owner of Quiz Pub UK.

Apps and Computer Games

Because all the quizzes for sale on this website are for single users the price reflects this. The actual value of our quiz packs is a lot higher than the advertised price. Our quiz packs typically take days to make and some take weeks or months. If you would like to reproduce any of our work and release it to the general population then please contact us so we can negotiate a fair price and grant you reproduction rights. The price we negotiate will largely depend on the amount of people that are likely to use our products in your product but you will still find our prices easily affordable and fair. Please contact us for more information.

You are absolutely forbidden to give any of our quizzes away to anyone for free, or for a fee.

Website Content

All the copy (words) and the graphics on every page of this website (quizpub.co.uk) remains the property of Quiz Pub UK, you are strictly forbidden to reproduce any of the text or pictures or graphics in any of the pages of this website and place them on any other website. Please respect our hard work, this website took many months to make and we take copyright theft very seriously. We monitor the web for copies of our text or pictures using online services such as Copyscape and if we find our work has been plagiarized we will first attempt to make contact to warn you and if we get no reply within 2 weeks we will start legal proceedings. The copying of part or whole pages of our website and the placing of that copy on another website dilutes it's value and will have a direct negative impact on that pages ranking in the search results, resulting in fewer visitors and ultimately less income. Copyright theft is a destructive crime which we take very seriously and it's something we will not tolerate.

We will never spam you

We never email anyone unless they email us first. We don't have a mailing list and we don't send anyone promotional emails, ever. If this issue concerns you then please read our privacy policy, a link to which you will find at the bottom of every page of this website.

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