Valentine Quiz Night

This quiz is all about love and romance and it includes an audio music round on MP3 too. This Romantic Quiz was extremely difficult to make trying to find the right questions about this little known day and we even managed to make it fun. This quiz pack has 5 rounds plus a valentines brain teaser and a 10 picture handout round of screen lovers, 10 Valentine general knowledge questions, Million Pound Drop and a chocolate food round. You get full instructions with the questions and answers in 3 formats, notepad, Adobe and Word. Beautifully made Quiz Team Answer Sheets all in a pack as an instant download! This quiz is definitely unique and took days to make to give your quiz teams a top notch quiz that will get you a big round of applause.

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Valentines Quiz Sheet

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Valentine Day Quiz

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10 Valentines Quiz Questions, 10 Pictures, a lovers MP3 Megamix, 10 Chocolate quiz questions, Brain Teaser, Game Show Round, tie breaker question, Quiz Team Answer Sheets and instructions, wow!

Valentines Quiz Pack

Here's a sample of the questions inside this bumper quiz pack.

Valentine's Quiz Questions

  • Who produced the first box of chocolates for Valentine's Day in the late 1800's?
  • Is Valentines day a Christian celebration?
  • Which profession receives the most Valentines cards?
  • Which symbol associated with Valentines Day is the son of Venus?
  • Saint Valentine came from which European capital?

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